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Building Champions is a fundraising campaign with the goal of enhancing the student-athlete experience at Ohio through improvements and financial investments in student-athlete development. The way to accomplish this is to increase Ohio Bobcat Club membership and base funding through annual contributions from alumni, friends, former student-athletes, season ticket holders, and parents.

Ohio Athletics is stronger than ever. Now’s your chance to build on our great foundation so we can continue our important mission.


"This campaign is crucial to our successful future. It will assist in ensuring excellence on the athletic field, in the classroom and in the personal futures of our student-athletes. Join the Ohio Bobcat Club and maximizing your giving to make a difference in the lives of our student-athletes."

Amy Dean
Interim Director of Athletics


The 2018-19 campaign for Building Champions at Ohio University Athletics will be focused on two essential goals:

Build Champions within the athletics program. Be the premier sports program in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) and recognized nationally.

Build Champions within our student-athletes. Develop them individually as a person, student and athlete.

Building Championship



Hiring and retaining quality coaches is key to team success. Funding is needed to ensure the department is able to provide competitive coaching salaries and staffing sizes.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $7,800 funds a graduate assistant coach annual stipend.

Team Travel

Support is crucial in providing the necessary resources for appropriate team travel to away contests and creating a competitive schedule.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $3,000 allows women's golf team travel to a tournament in a warmer climate during colder months.

Student-Athlete Recruiting

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any sports program. Having sufficient funding for coaches to recruit prospective student-athletes is essential to future success.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $5,000 covers the cost of football recruiting visits for an entire month.




Funding is needed to assist with the scholarship support of our student-athletes.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $3,000 will help a student-athlete attend Ohio University by providing books, supplies and other cost-of-living expenses.


Resources are needed to provide tutors to all student-athletes due to their demanding time commitments.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $1,000 will provide 100 hours of tutoring. More than half of the 400 student-athletes at Ohio University receive necessary tutoring services at no charge to them.


It is imperative for student-athletes to have access to up-to-date technology while studying in the academic center or when traveling for competition.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $1,200 will purchase a new computer to be used by all student-athletes.



Sports Medicine Care

Funding is required to cover the total expenses associated with the medical care provided to student-athletes who require surgery, treatment and rehabilitation.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $4,000 will cover the replacement cost of a therapeutic e-stim machine, while a gift of $500 will cover the initial cost of a surgery.

Mental Health Counseling

It is imperative to invest in a full time mental health counselor/psychologist to assist student-athletes in managing mental health and athletic performance matters.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $1,500 will allow a psychologist/counselor to consult with 35 student-athletes in one week.


The rigorous schedules of student-athletes inhibit proper and consistent nutritional habits. Financial support will assist in providing dietary counseling and appropriate nourishment.

Additional funding needed:


A gift of $1,000 provides healthy snacks for 60 student-athletes for one year.


Your help is integral in Ohio Athletics' mission to become the premier program in the MAC and to assist with the academic and health needs of our student-athletes.

Thank you to those that currently donate to the Ohio Bobcat Club. Please consider how you might increase your support to further the impact. If you have yet to donate, know that your contribution is greatly appreciated and will directly enrich the lives of our student-athletes.

Make a gift today and invest in championships and the student-athlete.

Please mail donations to: Ohio Bobcat Club
Convocation Center, S126 | 1 Ohio University | Athens, OH 45701

Call or email us at: (740) 593-1176 |